Maryse Achong

Sonnetmania (Dialect) for Terry....Ottava Rima Sonnet

Ah tryin to write ah special sonnet
In dialect for everyone to see;
Like ah seal dat stamped firmly upon it
Wid de hallmark of ah true, true Trini.
Ah cud feel it pullin like ah magnet
An Ah cyah help wonder how it will be.
Ah writin buh meh heart beatin real fas
Dis is meh firs buh it might be meh las.
Ah want meh words to sing wid riddum sweet,
To flow like water dong dis empty page
Ah want to know yuh was tappin yuh feet.
Ah tink Ah'll chrisen it 'Sonnet New Age'
An it mus have a special kina beat,
If Ah want it to be de lates rage.

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