Three Line Poetry Forms (Tercet)

The Tercet is arguably one of the the most significant poetry forms in use throughout history, and examples of variations of three line poetry are to be found throughout the world, from the Celtic forms of Ireland and Wales, to the Muzdawidj of Arabia, whilst not forgetting the Sijo of Korea and Katuata, and Haiku of Japan.

Tercets are three line stanzas of any type, rhyme, or meter. In this site will be discussed the more popular and traditional forms.

Quick guide to forms

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Blues Stanza
A. A. a. . B. B. b. . C. C. c. etc.
Enclosed Triplet
a. x. a... b. y. b... c. z. c.
No set rhyme
a. x. a... b. y. b... c. z. c.
No set rhyme
Sicilian Triplet (Terza Rima)
a. b. a. . .b. c. b. . .c. d. c. etc

Triversen Stanza
Six, Three Line Stanza

Two or Four beats per line

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