Cyhydedd hir
(cuh-hee-dedd heer):

This form consists of an eight line stanza, comprised of two quatrains. Each quatrain has three lines of five syllables and carry the same rhyme, b.b.b...c.c.c. d.d.d...e.e.e.... etc
The fourth line is of four syllables and carries the main rhyme A. B. etc

If desired each quatrain can be written as as a single 19 - syllable line. Each stanza would then revert back to a series of 19 - syllable couplets.

x x x x b
x x x x b
x x x x b
x x x A
x x x x c
x x x x c
x x x x c
x x x A

x x x x d
x x x x d
x x x x d
x x x B
x x x x e
x x x x e
x x x x e
x x x B


Crystal Song

Crystal's call is strong,
Vibrant shards of song,
Piercing souls, prolong
The sweet torment.
Its fragile fingers,
In touch that lingers,
Compel the singers
Till they are spent.

Exhaustionís nearing,
the singerís fearing
enthrallmentís spearing.
Escape, prevent
Engulfing power,
resounding shower
on souls in flower:
Crystalís sharp rent.

Leny Roovers

Cyhydedd fer Posts

Deborah Bel

After the Rain
Once in a Lonely Heart

Gloria Carpenter

Captain Panache
cuh-hee-fiddle-de-dee-dee-dee-dee etc.
Nearly there!

Lorainne Stark

For Me

Gloria and Deborah

You Rang?

Deborah Bel

After the Rain

Last night came the rain.
It rushed down to stain
Ground where dust had lain.
It's cooler now.
The sky's not blue yet.
One piece pokes through met
By stormy clouds set
Upon it's brow.

Air is different.
Cleansing rain has sent
High dirt to repent.
It fell to ground.
So I breathe easy.
One breeze blessing me
Ever so slightly
Without a sound.


Once in a Lonely Heart

So short and so sweet
Were the times we'd meet.
We would warmly greet
Like old friends do.
Time passed so quickly,
Laughing, we'd briefly
Exchange some lively
Antics there too.

The things we'd lay bare,
In truth, I did share
Things I would not care
To shout from trees.
But always with you
I'd speak what was true.
The secrets accrue
Like dust on breeze.

Sometimes a fine line
Between the divine
And those friends of mine,
My confessors.
They were the sages
Magical mages,
Payers of wages,
My professors.

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Gloria Carpenter

Captain Panache

Compatible, we?
Meet me for coffee?
He wants a date.
He lives on a boat
Assume itís afloat
And not too remote
He wants a mate.

He used to sell pigs
Rolls Royces and rigs
And humour he digs
Are we in sync?
Iím not really sure
If this is the cure
Is it premature?
What do you think?

II When Iím on dry land
I get out of hand
Can you understand
My quandary?
If Iím all awash
With Captain Panache
What waves, omigosh
Wet laund-a-ry.

It could be a yacht
Now, that would be hot
I nearly forgot
I might get ill.
Youíd miss me on board
If poems were ignored
And can I afford
To catch a chill?

If I disappear
Become mutineer
Please do volunteer~
Jump in the drink.
Weíll just wait and see
Thereís no scarcity
What will be, will be
Iíll swim or sink.


cuh-hee-fiddle-de-dee-dee-dee-dee etc.

Run away with me
His most fervent plea
Let us quickly flee
To Gretna Green.
Run away? said she
Do you mean for tea?
Oh, my goodness me
We may be seen.

No, not tea, said he
Now on bended knee
Tho I do agree
Thatís our routine.
Now four oíclock, gee
Iím peckish at three
Well let us agree
To some caffeine.

Run away with me
Weíve finished our tea
Please donít disagree
Youíll be my queen.
Run away? said she
Now I need to wee
Well, yonderís a tree
Donít make a scene.

Thereís no guarantee
That no one will see
Relieve your kidney
Iíll be your screen.
Away she did flee
Behind yonder tree
And he felt quite free
To stand between.

Run away with me
For Iíve got a key
To Room Number 3
With trampoline.
Good heavenís, said she
What sport this will be
But is there TV
And French cuisine?

I thought youíd agree
To spend time with me
Don't want third degree
...Bye, Geraldine.
Well...give me the key
Perhaps thereís some brie
Shelved in the pantry...
WAIT...Iím quite keen...


Nearly there!

They say that it's cool
They say, stay in school
To be not a fool...
Iíve tried my best!
Iím all on my own,
Well, me and the phone,
The others have blown
Taking a rest.

On Monday ... alarm
It wouldnít disarm
It took all my charm
Not to ignite.
On Tuesday ... a crew
Came paving ... who knew?
The ground all a-chew

Today ... I gave chase
Wrong mail left in haste
Door slammed in my face
Locked myself out.
I take it in stride
Walk still with pride
Feel laughter inside
What lifeís about.

Now two days to cross
While Iím still the boss
Then calendar, toss
With happy sound!
No children are near
The summer is here
Another school year...
See you around!

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Lorainne Stark

For Me

There is a small rose
Beautifully it grows
She's pretty and knows
Secret potions
Without any fear
She returns each year
In the garden clear
True devotion

Everlasting red
Silver veins have thread
To the ground she's wed
One lone beauty
With her scent divine
As she climbs the vine
Rich color of wine
Poses freely

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Gloria and Deborah

You Rang?

Hello, how are you
And tell me whatís new
Now what can I do
To help you today?
Hello, I am fine,
quite simply divine.
Is this a good line?
What's that you say?

Oh, silly old me
I hear you clear, Dee
No work now, Iím free
Often forget.
Oh, so quite correct!
You must not neglect
the vacation sect.
Your goal is set.

The year went so fast
Just seemed to whip past
Hope summer will last
Time to have fun!
But what will you do
as this time speeds through,
while the skys are blue?
Enjoy the sun?

Who knows? Thatís the fun
Thereís lots to be done
Or maybe do none...
See how I feel.
I know what you mean.
In the summer scene
I feel like a teen
and live with zeal.

Well, here thereís a beach
Within easy reach
My very own niche
Some come from miles.
Sounds like a good plan
Just take a good fan
unless breezes pan
bringing you smiles.

Thereís usually a breeze
On these west coast seas
In waves that do please
Nice spot to be.
Oh to live by there
would be very rare
the sea but to share
a space with me.

It isnít too far
Just hop in your car
Then follow your star
Iíll share my bench!

Oh, that is so sweet!
It would be a treat
to share such a seat.
Distance's a cinch.

Well, must go itís late
Weíll make us a date
Enjoyed...itís been great...
Really must fly...
Yes, it's been such fun
with our phone call run....
We'll plan on some sun....
'til then, goodbye!


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