Gwawdodyn hir
(Gwow-dod-in heer)

A very similar form to the Byr a thoddaid. It has any number of six line stanzas. Each stanza consists of two nine syllable couplet a. a. a. a. and a thoddaid. The thoddaid has a ten syllable line and the second line has nine syllables.
In the ten syllable line the main rhyme b. is found before the end of the line and links the nine syllable line by alliteration, assonance or secondary rhyme.

Here is the form layout for either variation.

x x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x b x x
x x x x b x x x a

Canadian Pome

Nine silly bulls standing in line, eh?
Nine silly bulls standing in line, eh?
Nine silly bulls standing in line, eh?
Nine silly bulls standing in line, eh?
Ten silly bulls with rhyme internal be
Another nine makes fifty five eh.

Gloria Carpenter

Gwawdodyn hir Posts

Deborah Bel


Gloria Carpenter

Message sent and received
No wonder they walk sideways
Yearning Touch


Are We There Yet?

Ryter Roethicle

Nocturnal Travels

Deborah Bel


During dire need, the times of darkness,
It is faith, in the inner richness
That will spur one to find that small voice.
Not faith, bandied words that limit choice,
Used so freely under propaganda,
But faith, as a path, to quench duress.

In that path, any man holds the right
To reach beyond the obvious plight,
Then see what is hidden from our eyes
Bound in the quagmire of daily lives.
And in the darkness, one will draw forth
The solutions spilled between the lines.

And it need not be one's man of God,
One they think true, some religion's squad,
Some leader among men who roughshod
And fierce, persuades his men to guard.
Any can find the measuring rod
To listen, to speak pure, to break facades.

Thus, in faith, do all the poet's write,
And, in faith, do mother's raise a child.
Pioneers of human spirit rise
From the ashes of the downcast eyes,
To ease the darkness, to bring the light,
Truth's spirit will ring her song in time.

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Gloria Carpenter

Message sent and received

His majestic head turns, gleaming white,
nods, as if to say ~ For you, this sight.
An eagle feather falls in sun’s light.

My heartbeat quickens in awed delight.
I watch it float in breeze's drift, away ~
Again, I lift my eyes, aerie height.

In search to understand what is meant,
I wander for some time, shoulders bent,
looking down, wondering where it went.

Where did it land ending its descent?
I hear his cry above. Forgetting love!

Freedom is letting go ~ message sent.


No wonder they walk sideways

It was so funny, hilarious,
such social critters, gregarious.
I watched, tears streaming, vicarious.
Who would have thought life precarious
when ebb tide drained tide pools in rivulets...
Not meaning to be nefarious...

but hundreds, scuttled in the puddle.
No chance for discourse, nor a huddle,
no time for good-byes, nor a cuddle.
Off they went ~ left, right, down the muddle,
waves of fiddlers flip-flopping somersaults,
until quite tipsily befuddled.



It was a perfect day. Summer shine,
reflections sparkling in bath-warm brine,
sunkissed toes trailing footprint design.

Patient eagle waiting in tall pine,
unrestricted viewpoint, comprehending
visions well beyond this sight of mine.

There was no sign of worry today,
an easy pace, no hurry, just play...
except for crabs, quick, scurry away,
a tidepool dash ~ a flurry display
through pretty shells and stones with mermaid hair
like mine, seabreeze-blown, strands drift astray.

I could travel far and find no more
than meets me here on this sandy shore.

Slow caressing finger-waves explore,
tracing patterned etchings, just before
twilight highlights slip of slivered crescent,
moonlight delivered... Bravo, encore!


Yearning Touch

When first he glimpsed her stand in dawn’s flush,
his yearnings stirred with love’s youthful crush.
He eyed her beauty in bashful hush,
dreamed of nearness, wishing limbs could brush
together ~ an impossibility
as space symbolized patience. No rush,

she would wait for him in dusky cloak
through azure days, nights of sultry smoke,
through summers dry, winters pouring soak.
In whispered breaths of music, they spoke,
for now their time had come, their link secured.
Today they touched ~ Pink Dogwood, Red Oak.

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Are We There Yet?

I was a poor boy, never a clue;
Always the last one gettin' the news;
Poor boy singin' an' livin' the blues;
Worked for the man an' paid him his dues.
I was lost, poor boy I said, "Where am I?"
Not a clue, I'd swear, 'till I found you.

Joshua road wandered 'round a hill
Called Barren though trees cling to it still;
The view from the top gave us a thrill;
The crown of your love gave me the will
To pull myself up and carry the stone;
Marry you, carry you 'cross the sill.

Now I have riches beyond compare;
Daughters and grandchildren everywhere;
Layers of laughter and love we share,
Lighten the load when life turns unfair.
We're happier here in the shade of time,
In a rhyme cascading through the air.



Most often, 'tis what the eyes discern
Dictates that for which the heart does yearn.

Hands will clutch at fire despite the burns
And worlds displace even as they turn;
While we spin blindly on with one concern;
Of trinkets, expected but not earned.
'Till disaster realigns our minds' eye,
On ties that bind us all, then we learn.

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Ryter Roethicle

Nocturnal Travels

The night light flickers through darkened trees,
With shadows wavering threateningly,
Creating a mood of fear and eerie.

Further steps are taken stealthily,
Beastie sounds heard, growls, and howls abound
Feeling scared? They’re where you want to be.

Dark creatures surround me in the woods.
I should turn back now, I know I should,
Duty moves me on for what is good.

With a hammer and a stake of wood
and holy water, and a cross of gold
To a vampires slaughter if I could.

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